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11JURIS - Solutions Simplified

11Juris, a platform initiated by two professionals inculcating the force equivalent to that of eleven professionals, is a new-age boutique firm that swipes its professional strokes predominantly into the Intellectual Property Rights coupled with other legal and para-legal fields. The firm encompasses its best endeavour to provide accurate and quick services in a simplified way, thereby resulting into 11Juris – Solutions Simplified.

11Juris focuses to curb the numerous challenges faced by the business enterprises across all genres by providing invincible and the most practical solutions right from the stage wherein the problem seems almost invisible. Its manifold services delve into simplifying the criticalities buckling up both the routine and unconventional business functionalities. With its wide spectrum ranging from Intellectual Property investigations and enforcement actions to legal advisory services revolving into multiple business divisions to end to litigation assistance, 11Juris strives to provide a single umbrella platform solutions for multiple issues faced and apprehended by the entities.

Message from Sanjeev Raghav, Advocate

“Being an advocate by profession, specializing in investigation and raid actions for a span of around 16 years, the initial years in investigation seemed completely imaginative per se intellectual property rights, challenge being the ignorance of theft or loss of intellectual properties. When the concept of owning such rights were yet to be learned about, the very idea of its infringement and grey marketing could be easily juggled up by the counterfeiters who area way ahead of exploiting the intellectual properties ofowners. But, with the steady flow of time and evolution of the intellectual property right laws across the globe to which India has actively conglomerated while adopting specific statutes for same, the once upon a time imaginative gap for protecting intellectual properties have now become bridgeable qua investigations and enforcement actions while creating deterrence among the grey marketers.

Today being the age of technology and innovation beingits determining quotient, the reason for acquiring and securing the manifold rights and liabilities associated with the intellectual properties become a sine qua non for moving up in the graph. Apart from business growth, securing the national economy from the anti-socio-economic ailments by regulating the grey market is equally essential being a part of the intellectual community. So, let’s march together to secure our intellectual properties and contribute to our national growth.”

Message from Rajeshwar Prasad Gupta, Corporate Lawyer

“During the tenure of almost 20 years as a legal professional working both in litigation and non-litigation domain, it felt that despite numerous sources catering the professional services arrayed across the overall realms of legalities, yet the need of a single window for availing the said services without boggling into diverse advises contouring the dynamic requisites suitably gloving into the exact solution is arecent demand felt fiercely by all. To cater to this, 11Juris aims at providing solutions which are unique to those available services wherein the traditional approach of legal service is blended with the modern approach of assisting entities in availing such services, thereby bridging up the gap.

Ameliorating the general risks coupled with specific techno-economic repercussions, 11Juris focuses to streamline the alarming agents well before the formulation of business hazards. Be it formulation of a contractual obligations or execution thereof; be it a routine registration of Intellectual Property Right or an investigative diligence or a litigation support, an in-depth analysis is being undertaken for each category to curb every possible situation of risk and loss to the entities in the most simplest ways at 11Juris, the pivot of next level dispute resolution.”